Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Let’s Talk CSR .. Experimenting with Blogging for MSU AP&CC Program

I’m a public relations representative with BA degree in Translations in the Fields of English Language. Works for Saudi Aramco ( Oil & Gas industry).  This blog is actually my first attempt to get into the blogosphere (never browse one... let alone being a blogger!) To be frank about it – this is part of a certification program that I’m doing in Advance Public Relations & Communication by MSU. So, I’m kind of "forced" to do it in order to pass! On the other hand, I have tried to take more of a positive approach when crating this blog. Well,   SCR is my passion and PR is my profession and I have always found it interesting to try to identify similarities and differences between these two disciplines. So let’s all have a CSR talk where we share and discuss CSR topics and link them to PR & Communication, at least until I finish my MSU program in 16 weeks from now ;-) By the way, this task is supposed to provide me with a better understanding of different types of writing styles (writing for traditional media vs. social media) and hopefully will eventually help me in developing better corporate messaging and storytelling techniques.

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